Welcome to the WFC Parenting Education Site

Parenting! There is no university where you can graduate from with a degree for this job! It’s more like on - the - job training, learning through trial and error and never ever sure how well you have excelled. From the moment your first child is born, the position is automatically yours, 24 hours a day. A job where you need to be loving, compassionate, understanding, accommodating and a lot more! As your child goes through the different stages in his/her life, the responsibilities increase, and the word patience takes on a new meaning.

Parenting, of course is a complicated profession. Parenthood is a tough never ending job, but it is the most important one you will ever have. To help with your continuing education, the Watertown Family Center (WFC) is proud to offer on line parenting webinars, podcasts, videos and tips with a wide variety of topics that will help increase and strengthen your knowledge in the parenting profession.

At the WFC, we are dedicated to providing families with education and resources they need to build healthy families. Raising children is challenging. Yet, on the other hand when you get it right the sense of achievement is wonderful, the pay is spectacular and the most important job you’ll ever do!